Find a Slick Solution to your Wastewater Oil Problem

If you’ve got oil in your wastewater, we’re here to help. Our expert team is ready to join you on sight to diagnose your situation and offer smart solutions to solve it. Working with you, we can evaluate a number of options from combination coalescing agents and skimmers to pre-treatment chemistry and flocculating agents. Whatever we determine, you can be sure it will be customized to meet the needs of your facility and budget. Request a WWT consult today!

Need help choosing the right wastewater treatment solution?

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Recommended Products

Aquapure OB Plus A highly concentrated cationic coagulant used for clarification as well as dewatering of wastewater. Aquapure OB Plus can also be used as a demulsifer for oily waste water as well as liquid/solid separation during secondary treatment with DAF equipment.
Aquapure Quick DropOne step treatment. Powdered blend of clays, polymers and conditioning agents used for massing solids together for easy removal.
Aquapure Oil Split A liquid catitonic polymer used as an oil-in-water emulsion breaker in waste streams containing cutting oils, lubricating oils, coolants, grinding fluids, and tramp oils from industrial machining plants
Aquapure AP 99Versatile concentrated coagulant formulated for enhanced liquid/solid separation on chelated & non-chelated wastewater.