How Much is Too Much?

Fluoride can be beneficial in small quantities. However, manufacturing processes can produce fluoride levels as high as 10,000 ppm.  New stricter regulations are requiring wastewater facilities to discharge less than 20 ppm.

The metal finishing industry utilizes hydrofluoric acid to etch metal surfaces which results in high numbers in their waste stream and an unsafe working environment for employees.

How do you get around too much being too much?  Let us show you…

Reducing Fluoride Numbers

Reducing Fluoride Numbers

Recently, our AquaPure team helped a deep drawn aluminum facility reduce their fluoride concentrations.  Prior to our wastewater specialists going into the facility their influent fluoride level was 60 ppm with a discharge limit at 15 ppm.  In using rare earth chemistry, the facility is now discharging at 7 ppm or below. For more information, please read our case study.

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