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Including silicone, non-silicone and kosher defoamer options, our product line up will knock the foam down. Our in-house experts are happy to travel on sight to help you choose the right one, request a WWT Consult today!


Aquapure DF-P - A Tech Team Favorite

Aquapure DF-P - A Tech Team Favorite

Do you need a non-silicate defoamer that’s extremely versatile? Hubbard-Hall’s Technical Field Expert-Aquapure, Robin Deal’s favorite product, Aquapure DF-P, is just that! Having recently passed toxicology inspection, this product can now be used in both WWT and manufacturing cleaning tanks and is approved for surface water applications. Aquapure DF-P is eco-friendly can be used in biological and physical chemical systems, will not impede bacterial growth, and its use requires no need for extra defoamer in wastewater or cleaning tanks.

Aquapure DF-P

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