Put Our Experts to Work for You

Our experts can help you stay in compliance (metal removal, oil removal, BOD/COD, nutrient removal and fluoride removal) to avoid surcharges/fines and assist with cost saving efforts (process improvements).  Additionally, AquaPure® technicians can help with the everyday problems that arise in your wastewater treatment facility such as:

  • Total suspended solids (TSS)
  • Foam control
  • Odor removal

Let’s Talk About TSS

The wastewater process can be simply defined as water/solids separation.  Final effluent water clarity is a strong indication that the process is working properly.  If your final effluent water is not clear, consider one of these as the common contributors to TSS:

  • Excess oxidizer
  • Excess polymer
  • Bacteria or induced air
  • Incorrect coagulant and/or flocculant

Want to know about hazy effluent?  Click here.



Fewer Bubbles, Fewer Troubles

Fabricated metal and plating shops, top foaming problems:

  • chemical (surfactants in cleaners)
  • biological growths
  • high solids (vibratory/mass finishing)
  • mechanical
Aquapure® DF-P - A Tech Team Favorite

Aquapure® DF-P - A Tech Team Favorite

Do you need a non-silicate defoamer that’s extremely versatile? Hubbard-Hall’s Technical Field Expert-Aquapure®, Robin Deal’s favorite product, Aquapure® DF-P, is just that! Having recently passed toxicology inspection, this product can now be used in both WWT and manufacturing cleaning tanks and is approved for surface water applications. Aquapure® DF-P is eco-friendly can be used in biological and physical chemical systems, will not impede bacterial growth, and its use requires no need for extra defoamer in wastewater or cleaning tanks.

Aquapure® DF-P

Does Odor Have Your Wastewater Treatment Facility in a Funk?

Managing wastewater is difficult enough, nobody wants to add in odor issues.  But they happen and we are here to help. Warm weather/higher temps can amplify the smells rinse waters, solid waste, collection systems, holding tanks, evaporators and elsewhere.

Let our experts help you get out of your funk.