As a family run business since 1849, we know the importance of quality relationships. Understanding and operating on this value has established long lasting collaborations with distributors and suppliers both in the United States and around the globe. Below is a list of our top industry partners and suppliers. Interested in becoming a partner of Hubbard-Hall? Contact us today, we’d love to hear from you.


Hubbard-Hall Suppliers

Ashland Specialty IngredientsFujifilm Electronic Materials Occidental Chemicals
Atotech USA Inc.Fuji Ultra PureOlin Chemicals
Avatar CorporationGraymont Inc. Omni-Chem
AxiallGulbrandsen Technologies Inc. Pero Cleaning Systems
BASFHaifaReagent Chemicals
ChemonHolland Chemical Co.Sasol North America
ChemtradeHoneywell Electronic Materials Shell Chemicals
Chevron Phillips ICL Performance ProductsSolenis
Church & Dwight Inc.IMC Materials Shell Chemicals
Clariant CorporationINEOSSolenis
Crown Technology Jones-HamiltonSolvay Chemicals
CSC JaklechemieJungbunzlauer Stellar Solutions
Dipsol of AmericaKMG Electronic ChemicalsS Q M North America
Dow Chemical USAKyzenTata Chemicals North America Inc.
Dupont Chemicals & PigmantsMartin MariettaThermo Fisher
Emery OleochemicalsMicrochemTetra Chemicals
EMD Performance Chemicals Metal Chem Inc.Tiarco Chemicals
EP MineralsMicrocareTransene
EssecoMorton SaltU.S Borax Company
Evonik CorporationMitsubishiVersum
Fishers Scientific Co.Nathan TrotterVWR/Puntan/Avontor
FleischmannsNorfalco/GlencoreWestlake Chemicals