Webinar – 35% Reduction in Production Cleaning Costs

Dates: 29 Jan 2020 to 29 Jan 2020

Location: 2:00pm Eastern Time

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Description: Do you ever wonder how you can improve quality, increase cost savings and positively impact the environment? Do you stay up at night thinking of how you can extend the life of your cleaner and solve those problems? What if you could do all of that with a cleaner/membrane technology that resulted in a 95% reclaim efficiency?

This webinar covers the fundamentals of industrial cleaning, the basic components of an industrial cleaner and the roles of those components. It explains the economics that determine the optimal disposal point of a cleaner bath. Additionally, it will cover the production and quality risks associated with the traditional saturate, dump and dispose cleaner practice.

Primary Topics:
  • Understand the economics of industrial cleaning
  • Learn how to reclaim 95% of the cleaner you currently dispose and calculate cost savings
  • Discover quality and environmental improvements with cleaner recycling

  • Presenter:
    Mike Valenti
    Product Manager - Cleaner and Non Ferrous Surface Preparation
    Mike has over 25 years of experience in specialty chemical development and product management. Developing and troubleshooting metal finishing and surface treatment processes is where he gained the most valuable insights. His experience at Hubbard-Hall has included recommending cleaners, both aqueous and solvent cleaning processes, non-ferrous surface preparation, equipment and testing protocols for a wide range of requirements for critical metal finishing operations.

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    Location: 2:00pm Eastern Time

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