Phosphates: How They Impact Your Discharge

Start date: Jun 30, 2021, 2:00pm ET
End date: Jun 30, 2021, 3:00pm ET

Location: Webinar

Description: This session starts with an overview of the element phosphorus and its uses, which can ultimately lead to eutrophication of our water supply. To alleviate this issue and ensure the Earth's water supply is preserved for future generations the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) came up with guidelines for water and wastewater in 1972. The allowable limits of phosphate discharged into various types of bodies of water will be covered in this presentation, as well as the fees that can be accrued for not following the regulations.

To meet EPA regulations, a facility needs to understand how to remove phosphorus from its water. This session with cover two processes - chemical and biological removal.

The presentation will close by looking at what the future holds and further discussion around additional work that is being done - such as the Hypoxia Task Force, industry research for better practices, and nutrition management plans for the recovery of impaired water.

  • Overview of the element phosphorus its uses, how it can ultimately lead to the eutrophication of our water supply and how to alleviate this issue
  • How to remove phosphorus from wastewater—chemical and biological
  • What does the future of wastewater look like?
Presenter: Robin Deal
Robin Deal has been with Hubbard-Hall for 7 years as a Field Service Engineer, specializing in industrial wastewater treatment. Prior to that, she worked for a major industry as a wastewater operator, holding a physical/chemical wastewater license in the state of North Carolina. She has also completed the wastewater treatment plant operations specialist certificate program at Sacramento State University. Robin continues her education in wastewater treatment with the goal of holding a degree in environmental management. She currently spends her time in the field educating customers while helping them meet their wastewater permit requirements. In the lab she works toward finding efficient ways for customers to transform their wastewater treatment processes to a lean wastewater treatment process.

"Wastewater treatment has become a passion for me. As we face water scarcity, we have to be better at treating the wastewater that is generated in the manufacturing world so that it can be recycled back into production, or the environment, with as little fuss as possible." - Robin Deal

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Start Date: 2021-06-30

End Date: 2021-06-30

Location: Webinar

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