NE NASF: Surface Finishing Regional Conference

Start date: Nov 04, 2022

Location: Salem Waterfront Hotel & Suites
225 Derby Street
Salem, MA 01970

Booth #: 20

Description: 7 Things I Wish I Knew About Wastewater Treatment
Presented by: Matt Hansen, Aquapure Wastewater Tech

With employee turn over at an all time high, plant production increasing, and EPA tightening regulations, how can an industry prep for all the changes? This conversation will center around 7 things that can help with the changes our industry is facing, along with some pretty common questions for how to handle system issues. If you plan on expanding your facilities production capabilities, or adding new processes to your product offerings, how can you ensure your wastewater system is adequate for the job of processing the increase of wastewater it will see? Do you include cost to treat the wastewater in pricing for your finished product? How do you calculate the cost of water in the manufacturing process? Your cleaner produces a lot of foam when it is dumped into wastewater. What issues does that cause? How can you prevent this? Other common concerns with wastewater treatment include chemical dosing, flocculation, and containment, to name a few. Join us as we look at some of these issues as they happened, how the situation was handled, and how things could have been prevented.

Matt Hansen, Aquapure Wastewater Tech
Matt spent over 20 years in the printed Circuit Board manufacturing industry in a wide range of positions. The PCB industry provided multiple years of hands-on chemical handling and lab analytical experience. Matt has a primary focus on wastewater treatment process including Micro Filtration and Reverse Osmosis membrane systems. He is currently enrolled in Sacramento States wastewater specialist program

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Start Date: 2022-11-04

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Location: Salem Waterfront Hotel & Suites
225 Derby Street
Salem, MA 01970

Booth Number: 20

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