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WEBINAR: Hanging Methods and Pretreatment Solutions

The webinar will cover all types of hooks and options for the end user as well as considerations for design to promote performance, ergonomics and cost savings. Case studies and examples of improved tooling projects will be presented. The presentation will also address the pretreatment process which is a vital step in surface finishing. Having the correct equipment and latest pretreatment chemistry can provide increased corrosion protection and better paint adhesion as well as help reduce energy requirements, waste treatment costs, labor and water consumption. This webinar will also briefly cover the equipment requirements ranging from manual spray wand to multi-stage applications.

Bill Oney, Sales Engineer for Therma-Tron-X (TTX): He has been in the industry for over 25 years. Bill assists companies by providing finishing line equipment solutions. He has been part of the CCAI for over 15 years and is a past president for the Wisconsin board and currently serves as the Vice President on the National Board of Directors.

Larry Ensley, Technical Service Manager for Hubbard-Hall: For the past 23 years, Larry has provided affordable and realistic surface finishing solutions for customers ranging from Fortune 100 OEMs to boutique metal finishers. Larry formulates and services Hubbard-Hall’s line of pretreatment, cleaning, rust prevention and paint stripping products.

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