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Manager Environmental Health, Safety and Security

Location: Waterbury CT

Position Summary

Responsible for corporate environmental, health safety and security compliance and programs. Involvement in areas which impact the company’s management of risk and liability. Must take self-directed responsibility for advancing the requirements of EHS&S and enforcing the rules, while working with various departments within the company and outside regulators. Must be a strong verbal communicator who is able to influence and persuade others and react well in high pressure situations.

Essential Functions

  • Monitor environmental and health and safety laws and regulations related to company operations.
  • Recommend and write policies and procedures for compliance. Assist in implementing and monitoring program effectiveness. Review applicability and revise as necessary.
  • Implement audit programs to insure internal compliance with company safety and environmental policies
  • Responsible for storm water permit compliance including review, monitoring and reporting.
  • Develop, monitor and train Associates in requirements of the company’s Homeland Security policies. Work with Facility Engineer on installation and monitoring of effectiveness of security systems and policy. Monitor and evaluate effectiveness.
  • As member of the safety committee, identify, evaluate, and assist with corrective action on safety and health hazards.
  • Responsible for reviewing all new and existing products for environmental, security and safety and health, information and coding documentation to be maintained in company systems.
  • Responsible for review and maintenance of SDS and label information programs.
  • Responsible for interface with government regulatory agencies.
  • Plan and oversee company wide emergency response actions. Write, revise and rehearse plans and conduct appropriate training. Interface with response agencies and serve as a member of the LEPC.
  • Administer the company hazardous waste program, including permits, registration, regulatory requirements and reporting.
  • Interface with customers on product, safety and health and environmental problems and questions,
  • Supervise, train and evaluate staff to maintain compliance with DOT, OSHA, DHS, DEEP and EPA regulations.
  • Promote and support the elements and principles of the ISO and Responsible Distribution Quality Management Systems. Recommend and provide solutions, verify the implementation of such solutions and maintain record systems.
  • Conduct in house safety, environmental compliance and emergency response training.
  • Evaluate health issues related to personal exposure to chemicals.

Additional Responsibilities

  • As a member of the Responsible Distribution committee, assist with planning and execution of activities in the certification process. Assist in conducting annual audits.
  • Continue to help the company grow and prosper by looking for new ideas, concepts and opportunities in chemistry and related fields that compliment our chemical manufacturing and distribution business and add to the company profits.
  • Assist the Technical Director and General Management with product environmental, health and safety and technical issues.

Education, Experience and Skills Required

  • Advanced technical degree in Environmental Engineering, Chemistry or related area, together with knowledge and experience in EPA, OSHA, DOT and other applicable regulations. (DEA, ATF, FDA, FIFRA)
  • Strong communication capabilities. Ability to interact with employees and the public.
  • Good management background and experience. Ability to setup and follow through with new programs.
  • Computer proficient.

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