3M® Novec Fluid Drop In Replacements

Having issues sourcing 3M Novec Fluorocarbon solvents like; 73 DE, 7300, 72 DA, 7200, 72DE?

Have you considered using solvent alternatives that are readily available and more cost effective?

Whether you are trying to replace an HFC, CFC, HCFC or nPB, our experts can help you find a solution that is best for your process.

Drop-in replacement solvents can make the most of your process and equipment. A few modest adjustments to the degreaser and you can take advantage of readily available cleaning chemistry, like Tergo Metal Cleaning Fluid. 

Hubbard-Hall has a complete line of solvents including:

• Chlorinated solvents (Hub-Tri, Hub-Per – double stabilized)
• Fluorinated solvents (Tergo, Opteon)
• Hydrocarbons (Isopars)
• Modified Alcohols (Safechem’s Dowclene, Dualene and Maxistab stabilizers)
• 70+ aqueous cleaning formulations to clean any soil from multiple substrates

Find your alternative now!