Hubbard-Hall White Papers

Need more detailed information on a specific application? Hubbard-Hall has the solution.

Choose from various white papers covering a variety of surface treatment chemicals and applications below.

White Papers

Polymer Flocculant Preparation for Jar Testing (30.36 KB)
Laser B…A Start for a Brilliant Finish (38.86 KB)
Black Magic™: The Science Behind the Magic (39.54 KB)
Causes for off-colored black oxide finishes (33.79 KB)
Electropolishing Process Considerations (38.89 KB)
Analysis, Observations and Maintenance (34.74 KB)
A look at procedures that contribute to satisfactory performance of most baths.
Time is Valuable (37.55 KB)
Time management in the metal finishing industry
Corrosion Prevention (38.56 KB)
Different steps in any given process can be critical to quality finishing as it relates to corrosion prevention
Safety in the Process Line (47.61 KB)
Selecting chemical process baths and treatments that are available with safety in mind
Winter Means Heat (42.24 KB)
Problems, benefits and opportunities with different process tanks and solutions during Winter
Filtering Cleaners: A Wise Choice (39.81 KB)