Specialty Chemicals for your application

Providing solutions to improve your process is what we mean by; Better Chemistry. Better Business. Our customers rely on Hubbard-Hall to recommend quality chemicals at the right price, but more importantly for the right application. Customers need a chemical supplier to help them innovate and improve their process which often means eliminating unnecessary steps and hazardous chemicals.

We understand how important your products are and we can suggest customized cleaning solutions, whether they are alkaline, aqueous cleaners or precision cleaning solvents for removing soils and contaminants from all surfaces.

Our technical staff has developed unique solutions that can replace mechanical buffing and polishing with chemical polishes and mass finishing solutions for larger production runs. In our metal coloring line we have perfected many different finishes for most ferrous and non ferrous metals that can provide a beautiful antique or patina look or a non-painted true black finish.

We also offer products that improve your production yields while allowing for economical methods for metal stripping and paint stripping in order to re-process expensive finished components. Our heat treatment salts allow for faster heating cycles which can lower your total manufacturing costs. To round out our full service approach for today’s metal working industries, we have formulated a complete line of phosphate coatings that can improve paint adhesion and reduce flake-off and peeling.

Our production expertise has been augmented with our complete line of printed circuit board chemicals and an extensive commitment to the semiconductor fabricators with a full complement of high quality chemistries from reagent and semi-grade all the way to part-per-billion grade and beyond.

The manufacturing process would not be complete without addressing waste reduction with wastewater treatment chemicals. All of which is covered by our innovative products for cleaning up the waste and removing all contaminants from the waste stream.