Industrial Wastewater Treatment Chemicals


Performance and versatility are just two of the features of Hubbard-Hall’s water treatment coagulants. This line of Aquapure™ wastewater treatment chemicals begin the process of charge neutralization and colloid destabilization, allowing the precipitants to quickly settle into a dense form.

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Wastewater Treatment: Coagulants

Aquapure™ ACP Highly charged organic/ inorganic aluminum coagulant
Aquapure™ DW-23 High-charged blended coagulant for de-watering. Effective for oil and grease.
Aquapure™ MFT A liquid blended coagulant for settling of mixed metals. Works well with Aquapure™ P601 and Aquapure™ FW.
Aquapure™ FA A liquid inorganic cationic coagulant / flocculent used to aid in the settling of heavy metal precipitants.
Aquapure™ I-300 An inexpensive blended liquid coagulant/ metal precipitant. Will reduce hex chrome as well as other divalent metals.
Aquapure™ NCA Magnesium coagulant. Good for treatment of phosphates and treatment of oils. Replaces CaCl.
Aquapure™ OB Effective over a wide pH range, this liquid polyquaternary coagulant and demulsifier is formulated for oily wastewater.
Aquapure™ RT –Plus A high aluminum, cationic blend of components for settling solids and clarification of waste water.
Aquapure™ SC PLUS A very versatile, high aluminum polymerized coagulant. Offers longer shelf life and better performance than SC Plus.
Aquapure™ TA A liquid aluminum coagulant designed for settling suspended precipitates.
Aquapure™ TH Wide application formulation. Aluminum-based and multi-component liquid coagulant.
Aquapure™ DW-28 Concentrated, high charged blended polyelectrolitic coagulant. Treats difficult waste for quick settling.
Aquapure™ QUICKDROP One step treatment. Powdered blend of clays, polymers and conditioning agents used for massing solids together for easy removal.