Solvent & Aqueous Cleaning Chemicals

For over 60 years Hubbard-Hall has been supplying industry with both aqueous cleaners and organic solvent cleaning chemicals. Hubbard-Hall has the product to meet your cleaning needs regardless of the type of soil encountered or type of cleaning equipment being used.

Hubbard-Hall's supply of solvent chemical and aqueous cleaners are designed to remove any soil based on your cleanings needs.The selection of a cleaner is influenced by the following factors:

  • The surface being cleaned: aluminum, copper/brass, steel, stainless steel, zinc or another hard surface.
  • The surface condition: rough, matte, buffed, polished, etc.
  • The surface geometry
  • The available cleaning equipment: soak, spray, electroclean, ultrasonic, vapor degreaser, etc.
  • The soil to be removed: drawing and stamping lubricants, oils and grease, fingerprints, marking inks, buff compounds, carbonaceous, scale and oxide, etc.

Industrial Organic Solvents and Aqueous Cleaners

Hubbard-Hall offers a comprehensive line of organic solvent cleaning chemicals that can be used in vapor degreasing cleaning. Vapor degreasing cleaning is very effective in dissolving other organic materials such as oil, grease and waxes. Hubbard-Hall offers the traditional trichloroethylene (TCE), perchlorethylene and methylene chloride cleaning solvents along the newer n propyl bromide (nPB) cleaning solvents.

Benefits of Organic Solvent Cleaning:

  • Parts come out dry
  • Excellent for complex part geometry
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low equipment foot print
  • Ideal for cell manufacturing


Hubbard-Hall’s aqueous cleaners consist of water and one or more of the following constituents based on the application: builders, surfactants, corrosion inhibitors, dispersants, and sequestering/chelating agents. Aqueous cleaning chemicals can be further classified by their pH as acidic, neutral, or alkaline.


Benefits of Aqueous Cleaners:

  • No or low VOCs
  • No ozone depleting chemicals
  • Minimal hazardous waste
  • Excellent for removal of scales and oxides
  Click on the video above to see how Hubbard-Hall's Lusterclean 40 LF effectively cleans parts in an ultrasonic application