High Metals Concentration

Remove complexed metals for continuous or batch treatments. A high concentration may be due to one of the situations below:


If a chelator is present, a metal precipitant can tie up the excess metals.


You may not be using enough coagulant. Perform a jar test on the tank side to determine if more coagulant is necessary.


Recommended Products 

 Aquapure™ P-601 A liquid wastewater precipitant for removal of heavy metals. Contains no polymeric coagulants to interfere with membrane systems. Fast acting with minimal sludge. 
 Aquapure™ I-300 This versatile and unique product acts as a coagulant AND a metal precipitant. A blended liquid that eliminates the need for lime or other difficult to use powders. 
 Aquapure™ T-500 A metal wastewater precipitant. Non-hazardous and very good at removing copper and nickel. 
 Aquapure™ ACP Highly charged organic/ inorganic aluminum coagulant 
 Aquapure™ MFT A liquid blended coagulant for settling of mixed metals. Works well with Aquapure™ P601 and Aquapure™ FW 
 Aquapure™ OB Effective over a wide pH range, this liquid polyquaternary coagulant and demulsifier is formulated for oily wastewater.